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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Wow. If you think your husband is an idiot, you simply must read on.

For mature adults only-- a "marriage contract" written by some asshat in Iowa. I'd write more about it, but I don't even know where to begin.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Obligatory Sports-Related Post

Of course, I've been watching a lot of Olympic coverage lately... In particular, lots of figure skating. And I have to say, I hate all the new rules. I hate that a skater has to pretend s/he can do a triple axel... or a quadruple toe-loop... even if they can't. And then they try the jump, fall on their asses, and then get points for trying, with a deduction for not making it. Seriously. I could pretend to do a triple axel and fall on my ass. Does that mean I deserve a medal? Personally, I'd rather see a clean program with jumps that the skater can do... and then judge them on their merits from there. And if someone skates a beautiful program with a triple axel, then more power to her.

Feeling a little better now that I've vented that. Thanks.


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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Peeping Sportslady

First, I have to give a shout-out to the Lady Crumpet, who always has the best links. This time, it's an online Johari Window.

For those of you that didn't study psychology or communication in college, a Johari Window is a way to analyze a person's level of self-awareness.

Back in the days before the phrase "Too Much Information" became popular, my pal Melina had an expression to share the same sentiment. In a "TMI" situation, she once said "That's one Johari window I never wanted to peek into!"

It's in that spirit that I invite you to not only peek into my Johari Window, but to also contribute to it.


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Friday, February 10, 2006

When it rains... it pours

And I'm not talking about the thunderstorm that woke me up on Saturday morning. I'm talking about my job... or more accurately, about jobs in general.

For three years, I actively pursued a new job, trying desperately to get out of C-Town. And for three years, I barely got a nibble. The last 22 months of that three-year stretch, I had an agent. In that time, I got a couple of messages on the answering machine... and two visits to stations who were polite enough to "interview" me while I was there. Nothing promising, nothing impressive.

After getting a job down here in the Sunshine state, the calls started coming in. A week after I accepted the job here, a station in Tampa wanted me for a sports producer position. Two weeks later, Lubbock, Texas called. Then last week, Green Bay called, wanting to interview me.

For three years, bubkus. Suddenly, I'm a hot property. I might add, I don't have any regrets about taking this job. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.


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More Pre-Valentine's Musings

Last year, Cory and I spent our Valentine's day driving to Athens, Georgia for the funeral of one of my closest friends, Mike.
Needless to say, Valentine's Day will never be the same for me.

Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about Mike. On his birthday, Cory and I were packing up for the move, and I thought about the last major move I made, when I left Kirksville to move to C-Town. At the time, Mike was living in Atlanta, less than an hour and a half away. The day I found out I'd gotten the job, I told Mike the good news.
"Guess what? I'm moving to Georgia!"
Without batting an eye, Mike laughed and said, "Guess what? I'm moving to New York!"

While web-surfing, I still absentmindedly type in the name of his blog. I still accidentally forward him emails. He's still on my Christmas card list, in my address book, and programmed into my phone.

Mike died a year ago this week, and I still miss him.

Wherever you are, Mike, we love you.

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Good News!

So, Cory's only been at his new job for two weeks, and already he's been offered a promotion! Hooray!!! He'll basically be doing the same thing he did back in C-Town, but he'll get paid a little more to do it here. Good deal, right?

Of course, every silver lining has a cloud. In this case, it means we won't get days off together... which was the best part about his job (pre-promotion). We get three more weeks of "weekends" together (actually Mondays and Tuesdays, but who's keeping track?) We will get to take Valentine's day off together, though. So far, our plans include a hockey game.

Aren't we romantic?


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