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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sporty Weekend

First, let me preface this by saying I'm posting this on my phone... so if there are a few typos, cut me a little slack.

Cory and I are in the midst of a very sporty weekend. It started with Cory's beloved Mizzou putting up one helluva fight against UConn in the Elite Eight. They got hosed by the refs (or at least that's what Cory says), but it was a really good game.

Then, with acout 50 seconds left in the game (Mizzou down by about six), I look at the clock and say, "oh crap. We're going to the Hockey game!"

I might add that it was 6:50 pm. The game starts at 7:30. And we live half an hour away.


See, a month ago, one of my Radio ad reps gave me some free tickets. Cool, right? Except when you forget you have them until half an hour to gametime.

So the game ends, we change into our Hockey-game clothes (Red Wings jersey for me, Charlestown Chiefs jersey for Cory), and haul ass to the game. The Blades win, all is right with the world. Cory even kinda forgets about the Mizzou loss.

We're on our way home now (Don't worry, Cory's driving. I had too many Molsons to drive).

Tomorrow, more fun... we have tickets to see the Cardinals play the Twins in one of the last Spring Training games of the year. We're hoping Colby Rasmus will play for the Redbirds... we'll see.

So that's our weekend. I've been tweeting about it on my twitter page, too... http://www.twitter.com/kbolesen.

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