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Thursday, March 19, 2009


The NCAA tournament is underway, and there's something refreshing about filling out my brackets with a clear mind. Unlike years past, it's not cluttered with random information I picked up while being your friendly neighborhood sportslady.

My bracket, by the way, is doing all right. Not great, not horrible. Michigan screwed me over a little (though I'm happy they won. Go Blue!), and I missed one of the 8/9 matchups (but really, those are pretty much crapshoots).

The thing that makes me nervous is my final four. In one of my brackets, I have three #1 seeds. As my friend Matt said, "That never happens. Except when it does."

I haven't checked with Cory to see how his brackets are doing... While he's not competitive with me, I constantly feel the need to compete with him on all things sports-y (except for actual physical sports. We all know who would win those matchups).

So, root for me, root for a lot of #1 seeds in the Final Four, and root for Memphis to win the national championship. Go Tigers!

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