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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Oscar Buzz

Cory and I had Movie Night tonight. "The Pianist" is playing at the Columbus Film Society this week. I know I've talked about the Film Society before, but I thought I'd add a little more. Twice a year, they have an Independent and Foreign Film Festival. They bring a film to town for one week, and air it in the "screening room" at the movie theater by the mall.

I love the screening room. It's a smaller theater, with only about 60 seats in it. The seats are wide and cushy, there's plenty of legroom, and there's a little writing table next between every seat. It's kind of like flying in first class... the screening room even has it's own separate bathroom, so you kind of forget you're in a multiplex.

We had our own private screening of "the Pianist" tonight, as the only two people there. The movie was great, of course. Somehow, despite the fact that it's a movie about World War II and the holocaust, Roman Polanski somehow manages to make it very hopeful. Perhaps that's because he escaped a prison camp himself as a child. But then again, maybe not.

Other than "LOTR: The Two Towers", "The Pianist" is the only other Best Picture nominee I've seen. I'd like to actually see all five of them this year. By the way,the Oscars are 31 days away.


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